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To enable colleagues to increase their skills in dealing with potentially violent situations and to give them a greater understanding of proper procedures. This course is designed as part of the strategy on dealing with violence against colleagues in the workplace, and to support all colleagues dealing with the public who may need to deal with potentially violent situations.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Describe what conflict is and why it may occur

2. Explore the role of communication and how to use it effectively

3. Know how to de escalate and diffuse a situation to reduce the risk of conflict 

4.Explore how to stay safe during a violent incident

5.Describe the procedural , environmental and legal context of violence in the workplace

6. Explain what is required of colleagues and organisations after a violent incident  and the support available for those involved

                                                                  £26 +VAT


This session enables the learner to develop the skills and knowledge required to carry out treatments and dressings for the care of individuals’ lesions and wounds.  

Learning outcomes:                

With regard to the healthcare and office environment – 

  • To recognise fire hazards and how to prevent fire 
  • To understand the behaviour of fire and the risk of fire spread within buildings 
  • To understand how people and buildings are protected from fire and our legal duty to protect ourselves and others 
  • To know how to respond if we discover a fire, how to respond to a fire alarm and how to safely attack a small fire 

£35 +VAT


To provide nominated staff members with necessary fire safety awareness, information and understanding to fulfil the requirements of Fire Wardens in accordance with the Virgin Care Fire Safety Management Policy. 


  • Recognise fire hazards and how to prevent fire.
  • Understand the behaviour of fire inside buildings and the behaviour of people during a fire incident.
  • Understand how people and buildings are protected from fire and our legal duty to protect ourselves and others.
  • Respond, as a Fire Warden, to any fire incident or fire alarm and undertake the day to day responsibilities of a Fire Warden, specific to your workplace.