Case Study - Children's Services

Case Study – Hampshire County Council


Period of Contract:  From Nov 2016 Ongoing

Brief description:     Contract to develop and deliver Training for Foster & Adoptive parents/carers of infants 0-4 5 


The Learning Enterprise was asked to develop and deliver training for parents who were about to adopt or foster a child through Hampshire County Council


The course was to be held on several dates over a six month period TLE were able to be flexible with the delivery over evenings & weekends.

Learning outcomes covered:

  • Child Milestones
  • Describe the purpose of the personal child health record
  • Identify when health assessments take place.
  • Review the UK immunisation schedule.
  • Summarise current advice and guidance on infant feeding and weaning
  • Discuss current advice and guidance on bathing, sleeping and dental  care
  • Describe ways in which parents / carers can encourage and support baby-led play
  • Identify factors that can influence a child's development, building positive relationships , behaviour
  • Identify the support available to carers / parents.

Target audience

Adopting and Foster parents/carers in accordance with the agreed learning pathway. Adopters would be pre-placement while Foster carers would possibly be in placement; however this may not be their first time as the training is mandatory for allocation and registration.

Positive Impact

The foster and adoption team have reviewed our training module along with feedback provided by the delegate’s very complimentary comments.


Case Study – SW Surrey CCG


Period of Contract:  From July 2015 Ongoing

Brief description:      Contract to develop and deliver Training for children’s complex needs skills training


The Learning Enterprise was asked to provide the customer with learning and development services, to deliver a range of children’s complex needs skills training defined by topic area and other learning & development related services.


Deliver training at main stream schools, to enable specific children with medical needs to attend, and gain an education.

Learning Outcomes covered:

  • Develop your knowledge of the anatomy and physiology (A & P) of the urinary tract
  • List other characteristics of the child’s condition in relation to Mitrofanoff intermittent catheterisation
  • Demonstrate the skills required to carry out the Mitrofanoff intermittent catheterisation safely, competently and comfortably for the child
  • Identify and discuss about the child’s understanding and feelings about Mitrofanoff intermittent catheterisation
  • Demonstrate appropriate documentation keeping, information sharing and reporting

Target Audience

This training is provided for the child’s teacher and classroom assistants so that the child can receive the care required enabling them to receive a normal education, and have their medical needs met at the same time.

Positive Impact

Teaching staff are confident and competent to deliver these medical interventions without the mum being required. This training offering  has encouraged a win win situation for both parents, teachers and most importantly the child.

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