Case Study - Adult and Social Care Training

Case Study: Surrey County Council

Period of Contract:  From 2015 Ongoing

 Brief description:     Adult Social Care Training

  • Nutrition Hydration & MUST training


To enable staff to recognise the signs of malnutrition, dehydration and use Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST)


We were asked to explore the importance of healthy hydration and the many factors leading to dehydration. We discussed how one might recognise/diagnose dehydration and treat it. Furthermore we explored the fluids that people consume and their nutritional content.

We looked at basic nutrition, malnutrition and its diagnosis using the MUST. The participants were given a pathway to be able to treat malnutrition should it be diagnosed within their workplace.

Target audience

Adult Social Care and Health staff who: Work in the services providing direct care i.e. care assistant, re-ablement assistant, team leader, day services staff, healthcare assistant, support worker

Positive Impact

Staff in Care homes are more confident and competent to practice as identified in learner feedback Staff are able to demonstrate a more person centred approach enhanced patient care and more effective management of risk.


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