How can they help you?

A personal health budget (PHB) is an amount of money to support your child’s identified health and wellbeing needs, planned and agreed between you and your local healthcare provider. If your child suffers with a long-term condition or disability a PHB will allow you a greater choice and control over the healthcare and support you and your child receive.

Using your Personal Health Budget

You can use a personal health budget to pay for a wide range of items and services for your child. Focussing here on the training aspect The Learning Enterprise delivers clinical training within your home, schools, as well as in voluntary and charity settings. We can provide training to you or your chosen caregiver(s) in a number of everyday clinical procedures to enable you to have confidence in the care your child will receive.

This will allow you more choice and control over the healthcare your child receives from people you trust.

About out training

Our clinical training team delivers training. We work closely with our local Health Commissioners and our Social Care partners to support the training needs around Personal Health Budgets (PHB) for Children’s services in Surrey. The training (face to face and through eLearning) aims to build on existing or introduce new clinical skills that our specific to each child’s need.

We take into account models of best practice and best use of resources, including technological solutions and where possible taking account of our Learners backgrounds and learning styles.

Our clinical training programmes are designed with subject matter experts (experts in the field) and based on modern techniques following the latest guidance and where appropriate are put through a recognised education quality award with The University of Surrey.

This provides ongoing quality assurance around training packages in terms of monitoring evaluations, peer review of our clinical trainers and regular course revalidation by the university.

For more information on our clinical training to support you and your child’s carers, please get in contact with us 

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