Clinical training in Educational settings

School Sessions

The Learning Enterprise delivers short sessions for schools which are available to individual schools or groups of schools.

Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes and each session can be given as a standalone session or delivered together. 

Medication Management in Schools

This session discusses the guidance from the Department of Health and how it can be implemented in schools. This session is ideal for staff members who are responsible for receiving, administration and storage of medication.


This session discusses asthma, the signs and symptoms, management and action to be taken during an asthma attack.


This session discusses epilepsy, the signs and symptoms of different types of seizures and advice on how to manage seizures.

Management of Severely Allergic Pupils

This session is for all school staff and discusses managing pupils with allergies in schools, use of auto- injectors and action to be taken in anaphylaxis.

   We currently offer the following session:

   Managing Severely Allergic Pupils in Schools and the Administration of Auto-injector Pens

   Max: 25 per session

   Cost £250.00 + VAT per session

   For details on how to book please contact us



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