Here’s some of the feedback from our training programmes:

National Examination Board of Dental Nurses (NEBDN)

“My tutor was helpful all throughout the course.  She made it so easy to understand the course”

“I feel the guidance from Linda was amazing – wouldn’t have completed on time without her support & encouragement”

“My tutor was extremely attentive and was 100% committed to helping complete the ROE”

“I enjoyed every subject that was covered on the course”

Clinical Supervision

“I didn’t really know what to expect on the day, however this course was excellent. It was really nice to have some time out from my normal clinical caseload to focus on my own personal development, and something that I believe can really optimise how I communicate with colleagues, patients and even family”

Prevent WRAP

“Delivered clearly and with good knowledge”

“Really enjoyed The trainer's approach and examples from practice used; Great course”

“Very enjoyable session – trainer presented very well in a way easy to understand and kept interest throughout”

“Found the course very interesting and enjoyable. Trainer was brilliant”

“Thank you, one of the best training courses in this area that I have completed”

“A heavy going subject made interactive and informative”

Customer Service

“I approach work differently now having started this course I’ve learned new things and a different way of thinking”

“Really enjoying the Customer Service Level 3 award very informative units on Safeguarding”

“All of the units so far I have enjoyed, there is  good variety to research. It has definitely changed the way I think about my role it has helped me be more supportive of my colleagues roles"


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