About Us

In partnership we design and deliver evidence-based education through training, coaching and inspiring excellence.

We are an enthusiastic and energetic team committed to delivering innovative and evidence-based training across the country, for which we have been awarded the prestigious Skills for Health Quality Mark for the quality of our training.

Unlike other training companies, our trainers are also subject matter experts, with many of them working actively in their role alongside teaching or assessing. This allows us to provide you with education through a variety of opportunities including: apprenticeships and vocational training, coaching, workshops and programmes delivered through our blended learning approach for example, virtual classroom, e-learning and workshops that are relevant, informative and up to the high standards set by the industry.

We can be flexible to suit your needs, whether you wish to attend a course, join a webinar or workshop or require us to design bespoke training for an individual organisation’s needs. If you would like to make an enquiry or have an informal chat we would be pleased to hear from you

The skills and qualifications gained from our training are transferable across many industries and sectors

Our awarding organisations include City & Guilds,  Institute for Leadership and Management, Future quals, University of Derby, University of Birmingham and we are Ofsted registered.

We support all our learners using different learning techniques for different learning needs including using on line learning platforms for easy access to resources and enabling timely feedback from our teachers and assessors.

The Learning Enterprise operates an Equality & Diversity Policy, acknowledging that each student is unique and recognising individual differences in culture, ability, gender, race, wealth, sexual orientation or any other group characteristic.

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Last modified: Monday, 29 June 2020, 12:24 PM