Narrative Practice in Physical Healthcare: A Practical Workshop


Narrative practices, as developed by the Australian Family Therapist Michael White and others, are founded on principles of social justice, collaboration and genuine respect and are more relevant and vital than ever in today’s healthcare systems.

In this workshop we will review the basic assumptions of the narrative therapy approach, and how these ideas can be applied in healthcare settings. The themes of loss/change and adjustment will be kept in mind across the day, and there will be opportunity to learn about some specific narrative practices. The latter will include exploring the importance of narrative in physical health and disability; working with identity (in the context of health change); using exceptions to move away from problem stories and looking at how narrative practices can be helpful in working with our colleagues/teams.

The aims of the workshop are to equip participants with some practical skills to take back to their clinical contexts and to inspire them to continue their exploration of narrative ideas.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the basic assumptions of narrative therapy and how these might apply in healthcare.
  • Learn about some specific narrative practices and how these might apply in healthcare.
  • Learn about how narrative therapy can be applied to working with disability, identity, loss, change and adjustment.
  • Learn about how narrative therapy can be useful/applied when working with professional teams.
  • Learn some practical skills of narrative therapy to take back to the workplace.

Course cost: £81 inc VAT

For further details and to book your place, please click on the link below.

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