Case study Silas tells us his story

Assistant Practitioner Foundation Degree
Date started: September 2019

Why did you want to do the apprenticeship?

After working as an ordinary Health Care Assistant for several years, I felt it was time to upgrade my skills as part of personal development planning. I needed to learn new skills to be able to able to take on other advanced clinical roles.

When the Assistant Practitioner Programme became available, I welcomed the opportunity to be on the course and realise my dream of advancing my career.

What has the impact of learning been on your job?

My line manager is very supportive of me to be on the course. The Assistant Practitioner course has made significant favourable changes to the way I deliver care to patients. I  feel more confident in my role, and my communication skills have improved due to the studies am going through. This feedback is coming from the line manager and other colleagues at my workplace. I now use reflective practice, and this makes me learn how to improve my delivery of care within my role.

What’s next for you?

After finishing this course, I want to advance my career and became a registered practitioner. I wish to be an Occupational Therapist. I am so delighted and thankful to be on this course. Thank you for making my dream a reality.

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