Digital Learning

At The Learning Enterprise we support all our apprentices by using different learning techniques for different learning needs. One of the most useful ways to support our apprentices is by using two online learning platforms, BUD and BKSB. Perfect for giving easy access to resources and enabling timely feedback from our teachers and assessors, these platforms each have their own unique ways of helping us to help you throughout your studies.

BUD is the site we use to track and update your application, for you to fill in further personal details and upload any supporting evidence such as qualification certificates. If you meet the criteria for your chosen apprenticeship, you will be added to BUD by a member of the apprenticeship team.

You will then receive an email link with your login details, prompting you to visit the site and fill in further information. A member of the apprenticeship team will be able to provide help, should you have any questions or issues with this.

If your apprenticeship application is successful and you are accepted onto the programme, you will then use BUD to submit and keep track of your assignments, receive feedback from your assessor and to track your apprenticeship status.

BKSB is a separate online platform to BUD and is focussed on English and Maths assessments. As part of the application process you will receive an email with login details and a link to BKSB, you will then be asked to complete an initial and diagnostic assessment in maths and English. All applicants are required to do this regardless of whether they currently have their level 3 English / Maths qualification.

If your application is successful and you are accepted onto an apprenticeship programme, you will then use BKSB to complete a series of English and maths modules, alongside your apprenticeship. This is a requirement for all apprentices.


To help us understand our learners and their individual learning needs we have partnered with Cognasisst who will support us in offering additional and unique high quality learning strategies.

Your individual learning style and journey is important to us, we want to engage you every step of the way.  Cognassist gives our assessors the ability to personalise learning material, tailor course content to offer you the right learning support improving the learning experience, and giving you the tools and resources you need to be successful in your career.

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Last modified: Wednesday, 11 November 2020, 4:01 PM