We pride ourselves on offering a first-class learning experience, which is why we welcome all feedback from our students and participants. By having your honest thoughts on your experience with us, we ask for feedback at the end of every session which is then reviewed during our monthly quality assurance meeting. Here are just some of the comments we’ve had across a range of topics.

Virtual Placements

High praise from one of our Virtual Placement Students

"I have just completed a virtual placement with the Essex Child and Family Well-being Service and wanted to let you know what an amazing experience your team provided.

I learned an enormous amount about healthcare in the 0-19 age group and the impact of family circumstances and the wider environment on how children and young people thrive. 

There was an excellent emphasis on safeguarding issue and how to signpost concerns. I have gained transferable skills that will assist me as I start my career as a NQN. I felt, in particular, that I gained skills in communication, especially active listening, leadership, collaboration and evidence-based decision making."

"I have never been made so welcome on a placement. From day 1 our teachers provided learning opportunities in a variety of ways to enable students to meet their competencies. Thank you so much 

BLS & AED Virtual Class 

“I feel happy to apply what I've learned at work.”

“Brilliant course again lots of info easy to follow and understand”

"Great course lots of additional info around COVID I was not aware of" 

"Fully comprehensive on-line virtual session. Good info on how things have changed with COVID thank you"

"Great refresher and COVID update with CPR"

BLS & AED Practical Sessions 

"The trainer Pip Page was like a breath of fresh air, I am always anxious when doing practical sessions but she made me feel relaxed, listened to and the training technique she used was so much easier for me that I now feel if I ever had to do CPR or found a collapsed patient I would be much more confident about the process. I have heard a few people comment about what a good trainer she is but I have now seen it for myself".

Foster Adoption Infants 0-4

“Thank you so much to you and Becky for that session. Found it really useful and have come away with lots of notes and downloaded all the resources - that’s really good that Adobe Connect lets you do that”. 

Fire Awareness

“Has made me more fire aware, good session”

“Very informative I liked the group participation”

"Just finished my fire training. We had Neil, OMG its worth going on it just to listen to him, he’s hilarious, best fire lecture I’ve ever been on (and I’ve been on quite a few!!)"

Mental Health Awareness

"Great session and interaction Barry, it's really good to raise awareness in the workplace"

"Thank you Barry it's great to raise awareness and hear experiences of fellow colleagues"

"You are very Knowledgeable Barry, it was good to be able to share experiences with other Managers, great support and signposting to other resources"

Customer Service

“Great course will really make me think about how I talk to me customers in the future”

“Interesting discussions on real life scenarios”

“It has opened my eyes to my attitude,  to myself , colleagues and patients, and how that can affect everything”  Brilliant friendly, Trainer was very informative”

Telephone Triage

‘The telephone triage training was really useful and I enjoyed this.  I thought the training was a generic training session.  I will be able to use some of the techniques in my role’.

‘I really enjoyed the Telephone Triage Training. Ann ran the session well and we all were very pro-active.’

‘The triage training was excellent and very informative’

Conflict Resolution

“Very good interesting and Interactive”

“Really enjoyed the course some useful tips to take away,   thank you Sonny”

Moving & Handling

“A good update on M&H”

Thank you for a well-informed session, the videos were a great addition to bring the Virtual learning to life”

Safeguarding Children L3

“Very good - thought provoking I enjoyed the group work”

Deteriorating Patient

“Interesting course”

Diabetes Awareness

“A real eye opener I learned a lot”


“Great trainer very accessible and personable”

“Very well explained”

Mind Coach

“Enjoyed the interactive parts of session”

Management Conversations

“Very useful, excellent and engaging trainer”

"Excellent course great group work"

Performing ECG

“Excellent refresh of A&P, super topics and great group work really enjoyed it”

“Super approachable and informative course, Fab trainer thank you”

“Excellent training information and advice”

Immunisation and injection update

“Great update, I learned so much more about how vaccines work to help me explain to my patients”

“Great course, I feel more competent now”

“This reminder session was great it really made me realise what I had forgotten”

Basic Wound Care

“Excellent Trainer very knowledgeable it will give more confidence for my job”

“Great I will feel more confident now around what dressing to use on what wound”

New Skills Immunisation & Injection 2 Day Course

“This course has changed the way I think I now feel more confident, Very informative great trainer”

“Well explained and great handouts”

"Really informative, I'm looking forward to Day 2"

Compression Bandaging

"Very good, I thoroughly enjoyed it, gained new skills to put into practice"

"I enjoyed the course, plenty of interaction, great practice at the end and group work"

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